Gruha Pravesh

Gruhapravesam for the new house to be done in an auspicious day and time. Vaastu days are good for graha pravesam. First the cow with cart should enter the new house, next the husband and wife with their family deity photo, the sumangalis and others thereafter.

Gruhapravesam should not be done one following days:

  1. Eclipse + or - 3 days
  2. New year + or - 7 days
  3. First day of tamil month
  4. Same star of the owner
  5. No Simha rasi person in the opposite house
  6. No thunder storm cyclone on Gruha Pravesh Day.
  7. No main door, no flooring, no white washing of the building, pregnancy. no Tuesday/Saturday.
  8. Moon in 8th house
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From Bhagwat Gita

"They Who perform their work offering all results to me, who hold their hearts and minds steadfast in me in whatever they do, who worship their work, to them I offer the platform. Doubt it not that they will inexorably reach the top. "

- Bhagwat Gita 12.6/12.8