It's easy to lose weight and keep fit

If you switch from whole milk (8 times more cholesterol) to non-fat milk you would lose about 6 kg in a year, that means you will have 128 calories each day for something else to eat. The rate or speed with which a nutrient begins to provide energy is critical. Learn to fill your stomach with the right combination of carbohydrates, protein and fat. Fill your stomach, so that you won't feel hungry in one or two hours. but you won't feel stuffed two hours after you eat either.

1 gram of nutrient
Burn up time 
Nuts, Butter, Oil 
6 to 8 hrs 
Carbohydrate - simple 
15 to 45 min 
Carbohydrate - complex 
Potato, Grain, Rice 
1 to 2 hrs 
Milk, Cereals 
3 to 4 hrs 

Dietary Guidelines and Suggestions for Food Choices.

  1. Eat variety of foods daily. Include fruits and vegetables; whole grain and enriched breads and cereals; milk and milk products; dried peas and beans every day.
  2. Maintain ideal weight. Increase physical activity; reduce calories by eating fewer fatty foods, sweets, less sugar and by avoiding alcohol; LOSE WEIGHT GRADUALLY.
  3. Avoid too much fat, saturated fat, and cholesterol. Choose low-fat protein sources such as dried peas and beans limit intake of fats on and in foods;
  4. Eat foods with adequate starch and fiber. Substitute starches for fats and sugars; select wholegrain breads and cereals, fruits and vegetable, dried beans and peas, and nuts to increase fiber and starch intake.
  5. Avoid too much sugar. Use less sugar, syrup, and honey; reduce concentrated sweets like candy, soft drink, cookies, and the like; select fresh fruits or fruits canned in light syrup or their own juices; eat sugar less often to reduce dental caries.
  6. Avoid too much sodium. Reduce salt in cooking, add little or no salt at the table; limit salty foods like potato chips, salted nuts, popcorn, condiments, cheese, pickled foods, read food labels for sodium or salt contents, especially in processed and snack foods.


From Bhagwat Gita

"They Who perform their work offering all results to me, who hold their hearts and minds steadfast in me in whatever they do, who worship their work, to them I offer the platform. Doubt it not that they will inexorably reach the top. "

- Bhagwat Gita 12.6/12.8