Pyramid Energy System

The word pyramid has its origin from Greek language: 'pyra' is fire and 'amid' is base. Temples, Churches, Mosques' and Pagodas have a pyramid shaped structure.

  1. Pyramid Geometry, attracts all available Energy Particles from its surrounding. Dome Geometry, stores the Energy Force Field. All religious buildings are built with Pyramid and Dome synthesis.
  2. Dr. Bovis (France) involved in a research of Pyramids and found that some invisible Energy Field present within the Pyramid Space is preventing the decay of the dead body cells - by keeping the dead cells in perfect harmony. His path-breaking research revealed that all life forms and all matter when placed within the Pyramid Space of a scale model, improved in performance, behaviour and appearance. e.g.
    1. Flowers grew better and faster within Pyramid Space as compared to outside.
    2. Fruit and Food products had longer shelf life within Pyramid Space.
    3. Food (coffee, fruit, etc) improved in taste and flavour when stmed within Pyramid Space.
    4. Pyramid Energy System was found to have application in, 1) healing 2) agro - products to increase the yield and quality of crop; 3) Ionizing air particles for cleaner environment; 4) Energizing drinking water for better health and digestion; 5) Re-charging dry battery celis; 6) Polishing tarnished jewelry; 7) Relieving fatigue and tension; 8) Meditation; etc.
  3. By placing appropriate Pyramid Energy System, the Energy Force Field of the land and building will be transformed into Positive (strong or healthy) and the person's bio-energy will now be supplemented instead of being depleted. So he will feel less fatigue and tension and wiil have surplus energy to meet the demands and pressures of daily work/life.
  4. A Pyramid contains cosmic energy, which does not allow anything to decay. This has been further extended for health care and home care energies. A Pyramid is prepared with great precision with different materials except Iron.
  5. Our organisational structures are pyramidal; the 7 chakras of the body corresponds to the 7 circuits of the pyramid. Using the pyramid for 30 minutes in the Head, Face, Chest, Stomach, Back, Foot and Knees posture will provide relief to that part.


From Bhagwat Gita

"They Who perform their work offering all results to me, who hold their hearts and minds steadfast in me in whatever they do, who worship their work, to them I offer the platform. Doubt it not that they will inexorably reach the top. "

- Bhagwat Gita 12.6/12.8