About MSJain Group

M S Jain Group of companies, made a humble beginning in the year 1979 manufacturing Sodium Silicate in Chennai.

Kiran Pondy Chems Limited and Pure Trading Asia Limited , the flagship companies of the M.S.Jain Group have in a short span of time managed to reach a turnover of USD 30 Million with 60% of the revenue coming from manufactured goods while 40% is contributed by trading.

The first product to be manufactured was Sodium Silicate, a key ingredient in the detergent industry. The company has thence grown from strength to strength and today manufactures an array of products that serve the textile, paper, construction, welding, ceramics, foundry, drilling, chemical and many more industries.

Kiran Pondy Chems Limited adopted a policy of focused territorial marketing, working one territory at a time, at first indigenously and later extending globally. Presently, the company enjoys a 60% market share in the southern part of India and exports to 6 countries in the Middle East, South East Asia, South Africa, North Africa and Europe.

Leveraging on the advantages of port cities, the company has managed to build an extensive logistic network with a chain of warehouses and excellent transportation facilities. Manufacturing units have been set-up in close proximity to end-user facilities, to make handling safer and easier besides making it more economical to buyers. An extensive administrative infrastructure has also been developed to serve the growing business.

Having established themselves firmly in the manufacturing sector, the company forayed into trading chemicals in the year 1995. The support rendered by logistics and networking along with the goodwill and the experience gained in imports & exports of chemicals played a significant role in the success of this venture.

Originally limiting itself to the import of chemicals for in-house requirements, the company soon seized the opportunities offered by favorable market conditions for imports and trading especially in the southern part of India. Today, the company imports and trades almost 20 chemicals in less than a decade into trading and has emerged as a key player in this segment. It is significant to add that the M S Jain Group is the largest importer - trader of Soda Ash in India.

Voice of Love


"I find greater joy in creating successful people than becoming successful myself. When someone approaches me for help, irrespective of whether they are my employee or not, I take it as an opportunity learnt that how much ever I give, nothing of mine diminishes. In fact, more is given to me."

- M.S. Jain


From Bhagwat Gita

"They Who perform their work offering all results to me, who hold their hearts and minds steadfast in me in whatever they do, who worship their work, to them I offer the platform. Doubt it not that they will inexorably reach the top. "

- Bhagwat Gita 12.6/12.8